PMAWF will team up with a few different animal welfare organizations each year, or for each event, and donate the proceeds to those foundations. The cost of supporting everything they do for those animals is astronomical, and PMAWF is trying to do all it can in order to alleviate the strains on these organizations. The more people that offer their own help and support, the more perfect pets can be saved and given a second chance!

Canine Carnival
Our largest annual fundraising event, the Canine Carnival is hosted at Jamesville Beach, which proved to be a fantastic host with more than 19,000 people and 130 rescues and vendors of animal goods from as far away as New Jersey attending. Over the past five years, hundreds of animals have been adopted with the help of the Canine Carnival, and we’re excited to make the upcoming years even better.

Visit our dedicated Canine Carnival page for more information and current updates!

Looking to get involved? Please send an email via the Contact Us page or visit the direct Canine Carnival specialized site, and we will provide the appropriate registration form and information.

Pucks for Paws
Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation team up with the Syracuse Crunch for another annual fundraising event. We are so proud of the growth and success of this event over the past two seasons and it keeps getting even bigger and better than the last! Highlights of the event include fans having the opportunity to enjoy a Crunch game with their dogs, an in-game appearance from CNY Central meteorologist Wayne Mahar and specialty mystery puck sale. All proceeds from the dog tickets, mystery puck sale and Crunch Foundation Prize Wheel will benefit PMAWF.

PMAWF is a 501(c) not-for-profit, and we have only a few events per year to support our cause. If you want to help out the multiple organizations we have supported and will support inbetween events, or are unable to make an event, donations are always welcome! Animals in need are forever grateful for any contribution.

Looking to make a donation? Look in our sidebar and click the ‘Donate’ button to be taken right to secure PayPal or credit card options.